For Practitioners

What are the benefits of listing my services on the Nexia Wellness Platform?

The Nexia Wellness Marketplace is a platform that provides opportunity for practitioners who want to grow their practices. By being part of an online community, wellness professionals are not only spreading awareness and education about holistic health, but they have ample opportunities to increase their online visibility, expand client reach, and build business revenue. With the Nexia Wellness platform, practitioners can: 1.) Increase revenue by expanding client reach online 2.) Easily set up a dedicated profile page where they can list their services and showcase their website, promotions and articles 3.) Streamline an online practice with secure booking, payment and video sessions 4.) Get legal and business resources and support for running an online business 5.) Stay organized and secure patient sensitive information using HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant video and office tools 6.) Increase followers by conducting live and pre-recorded group classes 7.) Share your expertise and drive more traffic to your profile page or website by contributing to our blog, Nexia Wellness Discover