For Practitioners

What do I need to know before listing my services?

Asides from knowing what kind of services you want to offer online, Practitioners should also be prepared to know: What is my scope of practice and what types of services can I provide with my training, license or certification? Based on where I’m licensed or certified, do I have restrictions on where I can see clients? Although providing services online can have unlimited reach and potential for growth, it also poses additional legal risks, especially for those who are licensed or certified. Knowing this information will allow you to understand what legal restrictions exist that may limit your scope of practice and geographical boundaries. This will protect you from unknowingly conducting any legal violations. It is the Practitioner’s sole responsibility to know and abide by all laws pertaining to their practice. Although Nexia Wellness will not enforce legal regulations for Practitioners, we are happy to provide resources pertaining to your specialization in your State and Country so you can be legally confident when starting an online practice.