Why List Your Services with Nexia Wellness?

Earn money

Earn money

Set your own service rates with consistent and secure payouts

Expand business with Nexia

Expand your business Worldwide  

Expand your virtual presence and grow your business globally 

Time flexibility

Set your Own Hours and Work when you want to

Decide what days and times you are available with customized scheduling that syncs to your Google Calendar

Business and marketing platform

All-in-one Business and Marketing Platform

Streamline transactions and marketing efforts with built-in business tools in one easy-to-use platform.

Business Tools:

  • Booking and Scheduling synced to your Google Calendar
  • Instant Messaging
  • Secure payment processing via Stripe
  • Built-in video conferencing equipped with screen sharing, whiteboard, doc sharing, location sharing, session notes, and more*
  • HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant platform including client engagement portal, electronic paperwork, and intake forms, and webinar and program creation 
  • Passive income generation with on-demand video classes

Marketing Opportunities:

  • SEO optimized listings
  • Dedicated profile page with opportunities to promote your website, products, promotions, and articles
  • Build an online reputation using reviews from clients within and outside the platform
  • Get verified and list your profile page at the top of the network search
  • Conduct live group classes to get discovered by new clients
  • Get noticed for your expertise and opinions by writing articles for Nexia Wellness Discover, our educational and resource site
  • Get your programs, services, podcasts, videos and other promotions posted on our social media business pages

Compare and Find the Package you need

    Best Value  
Subscription type Starter Listing Plan
Professional Listing Plan
FREE for a  Limited Time 
Directory Listing Plan

FREE for a Limited Time 
Price Monthly: Free Monthly: ($35) FREE Monthly: FREE Individuals: ($20) Group: ($40)
  6 Months: Free 6 Months: $180 $30/Month FREE 6 Months: FREE Individuals: $90 ($15/Month) Group: $210$35 / Month ($15/Month)
  12 Months: Free 12 Months: $300 $25/MonthFREE
12 Months: FREE
Individuals: $120 $10/MonthGroup: ($360)($30/Month)
Available For: Certified Practitioners Certified and Licensed Practitioners All Practitioners and Group/Team
Dedicated Profile Page:
List Single Session, Package Session, Service and Products
Scheduling and Payment:
Rescheduling Allowed: X
Cancellation Allowed: X
Dispute and Issue resolution Feature:
Transaction Fee:
Promote Articles:
Showcase Website and Promotions: X
Allowed to Conduct Online Session Outside Platform: X
Unlimited live and Pre-recorder classes: X
Payment Deposit: X

Optional Add-on Subscriptions:

Subscription type Video Teleconferencing HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant telehealth Marketing, Featured Listing, and Verification
Price Monthly: $15 Free Contact Us for details
Contact Us: Packages and Pricing tailored to your needs
  6 Months: $80 ($13/Month) Free -------- --------
  12 Months: $120 ($10/Month) Free --------
Available For Certified Practitioners Certified, Licensed Practitioners and Groups/Teams All Practitioners and Groups/Teams
Features: - Integrated video and voice calling conference into your Practitioner and Client dashboard for easy and instant access
- One-on-one and group real-time messaging
- Real-time language Translation
- Voice Notes
- File Sharing
- Collaborative Whiteboard
- Location Sharing
- HIPAA, PIPEDA and PCI compliant complete Electronic health records platform
- Core Features:
- Scheduling
- Zoom Telehealth video calls (for individuals and groups)
- Appointment reminders
- Secure client portal with food and lifestyle journaling, goal and metrics tracking, and care plans
- Electronic forms and waivers
- Premium Features
- Automated online programs (fixed-start and ongoing start)
- Group Blast messaging
- Superbills and CMS 1500s
- E-Labs
- Ongoing Live classes and training
- Fullscript
- Advertise on 4 major social media and search engine platforms at a discounted rate
- Get featured on the homepage and specialization listings
- Agree to a background check to  receive a "Verified" badge on your profile and priority listing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of listing my services on the Nexia Wellness Platform? tailored 

The Nexia Wellness Marketplace is a platform that provides opportunities for practitioners who want to grow their practices. By being part of an online community, wellness professionals are not only spreading awareness and education about holistic health, but they have ample opportunities to increase their online visibility, expand client reach, and build business revenue. With the Nexia Wellness platform, practitioners can:

1.) Increase revenue by expanding client reach online

2.) Easily set up a dedicated profile page where they can list their services and showcase their website, promotions, and articles

3.) Streamline an online practice with secure booking, payment, and video sessions

4.) Get legal and business resources and support for running an online business

5.) Stay organized and secure patient-sensitive information using HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant video and office tools

6.) Increase followers by conducting live and pre-recorded group classes

7.) Share your expertise and drive more traffic to your profile page or website by contributing to our blog, Nexia Wellness Discover

How do I get started in listing my services?
What do I need to know before listing my services?
How do I get paid?