General Questions

What's the difference between a Licensed Practitioner and a Qualified Professional on the Nexia Wellness platform?

Licensed practitioners have a formal license issued by their State or Country. It usually requires completion of an education program from an accredited institution, and sitting and passing a licensure examination. Qualified professionals do not have a license issued by their State or Country, but may have completed formal training or a program in their specialization, and received certification issued by the school or professional organization. Both types of practitioners have advantages and disadvantages, with licensed practitioners usually being restricted to where they can see clients, and qualified professionals restricted to the type of services they can provide. It really depends on what your health and wellness goals are and where you are on your health journey that will determine which type of practitioner is right for you. Our team is always more than happy to help you decide which practitioner type to choose. Contact us anytime at contact@nexiawellness.com.