General Questions

Can I conduct transactions outside the Nexia Wellness platform?

Yes, you are free to move all transactions and work with your practitioner outside the platform after paying a one-time conversion fee equal to 6 months of your practitioner’s lowest rate, or if you and your practitioner have utilized the platform for at least 24 months. See the Conversion Policy for more details. Keep in mind that by taking your relationship outside Nexia Wellness, you will lose protections in place on our platform such as payment protections and dispute services. Note: Choosing to conduct transactions outside the platform without paying the conversion fee is a violation of the Terms and Conditions and practitioner contract, and is subject to account termination in addition to being charged the conversion fee. If you wish to proceed with moving your relationship outside of the Nexia Wellness platform, please email the team at contact@nexiawellness.com for the next steps.