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  • California, United States

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$460.00 / Per 90 Minutes

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    10+ Years

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    Functional Medicine, Integrative & Alternative Medicine

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    United States

Conditions and Issues

Digestion & Gut Health

About Me

I am a Board certified physician specializing in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Functional Medicine. After attending Harvard Medical School I completed residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology at University of California San Francisco and then became an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFM-CP).

After working in a large health care organization for a number of years, I decided to create Mysaic Medical. My goal is to combine multiple approaches to create a whole person health plan. Whether you want to manage just one ailment or achieve optimal wellness, my vision is a facility where varying health goals and levels of wellness can be achieved.
My focus is on helping you become your best self!

Choose A Service

Functional Consult - The Root of All Plans (Single Session)


  • 90 minutes (each session)

- You will leave this appointment with a full review of your medical history and receive a functional plan
- Self administered online health assessment
- Initial 90 Minute tele-medicine visit with Functional Physician
- In depth review of Health Assessment Questionnaire
- Complete History Review
- Creation of Timeline/Matrix through a review of your entire history to identify sources of imbalances – this is a foundational part of functional medicine
- Development of initial program including personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement suggestions
- Conventional and Functional lab recommendations
- Follow-up Visit with Health Coach to facilitate implementation of plan

Specializations and Conditions

Digestion & Gut Health, Functional Medicine, Integrative & Alternative Medicine

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