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  • Karnataka, India

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$10.00 / Per 45 Minutes

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    2 Years

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Conditions and Issues

Mental & Emotional Health, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Digestion & Gut Health, Weight & Performance, Women's Health, Cardiovascular Conditions, Pain, Life Success & Wellbeing

About Me

I am a Integrative Naturopathy and Yoga Doctor. To increase general wellbeing, health, and healing, I provide a modern and unique holistic approach.
I provide advice on nutrition, detoxification, micronutrients, cleansing, weight management, as well as healthy sleep and also on physical and mental practices such as meditation and yoga, all with the goal of enabling the mind and body to build resilience and preserve good health. Following an initial diagnostic session, I create a unique programme for individuals. With regular practice of this approach, one will experience profound enthusiasm, happiness and even bliss. I believe there is a natural healer within each individual. In my approach I do not use a lot of medicines. Also, my therapies are non-invasive.

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Tele-consultations and Tele-Yoga (Single Session)


  • 45 minutes (each session)

Nutrition & Diet Counselling
Fasting therapy
Acupuncture & Acupressure
Mud therapy
Marma therapy
I do Tele-consultations & Tele-yoga

Specializations and Conditions

Cardiovascular Conditions, Digestion & Gut Health, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, Weight & Performance, Women's Health

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