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Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Cardiovascular Conditions, Life Success & Wellbeing, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Digestion & Gut Health, Women's Health, Cardiovascular Conditions, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Digestion & Gut Health, Women's Health, Cardiovascular Conditions

About Me

Dr. Hopen is a lifelong learner who has earned two board certifications in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, and she is also a licensed nutritionist. She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, she earned her health coaching certification from the American Council on Exercise, and she is also a certified mindfulness teacher. Dr. Hopen earned a Master of Arts in Gerontology from the University of Southern California and a Master of Sciences in Integrative and Functional Medicine in from John Patrick University.

For almost 20 years, Dr. Hopen has been refining her practice of whole health, and as an Assistant Clinical Professor for Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, she strives to help new physicians view healthcare through a holistic lens. After graduating from the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine in 2000, she was a U.S. Naval Flight Surgeon for two years prior to finishing Family Medicine residency as Chief Resident at Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida in 2006. She completed her military obligation while stationed at Naval Hospital Oak Harbor in 2008.

Dr. Hopen transitioned from the Navy to become Medical Director for the Department of Veteran Affairs community-based clinic in Mount Vernon. During her tenure there, she was an early adopter of the VA Whole Health approach to Veteran care. In 2018, Amazon recruited Dr. Hopen as one of their first founding team members to create and pilot Amazon Care, a telehealth platform that incorporates a combination of virtual and in-home visits. The experience amplified her creative and innovative spirit to start up Inspired Wellness, PLLC while continuing her current work as Medical Director innovating primary care delivery for a Fortune 200 company.

Dr. Hopen has witnessed first-hand how traditional medicine continues to struggle with helping individuals manage chronic conditions. She felt the frustrations of patients who spent less and less time with their PCP, while more pills were added to their medication list. Primary care clinicians were not afforded the time to investigate the root cause of their health conditions. The strategy was analogous to continually mopping up the floor without addressing the leak at the faucet.

After years of seeing this happen over and over again, Dr. Hopen wanted to open a holistic practice that helps others improve their overall wellness (without more medications) as well as give them the tools to continue their progress towards living a long and vibrant life long after they left the coaching program. Many former patients and co-workers will tell you that Dr. Hopen truly listens, she had a kind heart, and is very sincere about helping patients improve their health.

When Dr. Hopen is not with her clients, she spends time with her husband, three school-age children, and three dogs on their 20-acre hobby farm. She is also an artist who founded Tiny Jade Inspirations, a non-profit named after her third child who was born at 26 weeks. Dr. Hopen shares in her blog, how being a micropreemie mom allowed her to bust out of her comfort zone and ultimately find personal growth and development.

One last thing about her practice...the program is very unique and innovative. It's less of a "doctor's visit" and more of a "guided partnership" to sequence the steps to better health. Therefore, she only invites action-takers who are ready to utilize health coaching, group sessions, private appointments, online classes and videos to help themselves uncover better energy, deeper sleep and improved vitality. If you're ready for that kind of support and empowerment, apply for membership soon as the enrollment slots are limited!

Choose A Service

3x4 Genetics Blueprint Consultation (Package of Sessions)


  • Number of sessions (2)

  • 30 minutes (each session)

I have partnered with 3X4 Genetics, who offer a personalized plan that gives you insights that help you understand your health better, with clear and actionable recommendations to help you improve your quality of life. It’s not invasive at all, it only requires a cheek swab that takes 30 seconds,

Why the 3X4 Genetic Blueprint? Your genes are unique. They tell the story of you, and only you; no one else has ever had the same genetic makeup. That’s awesome, because instead of having to do what works okay for most, you can do what works best for you.

Here’s just some of the value you will get with your 3X4 Blueprint:
Healthy heart – find out how your genes are supporting your heart health and how you can support your cardiovascular system;
Weight Loss – your genes have a big role to play in how your body manages weight, find out insights to help you manage your weight intelligently;
Hormones – find out how well your hormones work and get insights about whether you should be avoiding taking hormones, such as the contraceptive pill or testosterone;
Immunity - how well are your genes working to fight off viruses, knowing how healthy your immune system is and what you can do to build a strong immune system are important in these times;
Exercise– find out what training works best for you, how to get fit and avoid injury by training smarter;
Brain health - what you can do to optimize cognition as you get older;
Optimal diet – Find out how well you process nutrients such as gluten, vitamin D, caffeine and many more.
The 3X4 Blueprint is completely unique in the fact that every insight has a clear action plan, find out how to work with your genes so that you can live a longer, healthier and better life. Here are a couple of sample reports for a female and male client.

This package is a great options for the DIY action taker who would like more objective information on how to optimize their health. It is also for the individual who has been told "everything is normal," but you have done everything you can, and you know that an underlying health issue is yet to be uncovered. Click here to see how the lives of individuals improved after they completed the 3x4 Genetic testing.

If this sounds exciting and you want to get tested, please schedule a consultation appointment so we can come up with your own personalized program based on your genetics!

3x4 Genetics Consultation includes a 30 minute intake appointment (in person) prior to the test and an 30-minute follow-up (in person or video) to review the testing results. Once consultation fee has been paid and initial appointment scheduled, lab test will be ordered and mailed directly to your home. Currently, the turnaround time for results is between 4-5 weeks.

Consultation Bundle Fee (does NOT include lab): $489 (Regular price $847)
Bundle includes:
1. 30-minute initial visit and
2. 30-minute follow-up to review results
3. Lifetime access to Inspired Wellness Academy course of choice (value $39-119)
4. 2 month access to LivingPlateRx online meal planner

3x4 Genetics Lab Test fee $349: This test is a SEPARATE fee that the client pays directly to the lab company. Upon payment for consultation, 3x4 Genetics Lab test will be ordered.

Specializations and Conditions

Cardiovascular Conditions, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Life Success & Wellbeing

60-minute Initial Consultation (Single Session)


  • 60 minutes (each session)

I will listen to your health journey and help you formulate a personalized plan to change your health narrative. I work with adults (18 years and older) to design a custom-tailored plan to address the root cause(s) instead of managing (or covering up) your symptoms. I look at your health from a holistic perspective. When you partner with Inspired Wellness, PLLC, we will co-create a personalized plan incorporating lifestyle modification, nutritional & culinary coaching, mindfulness, and mindset training to restore your body’s innate healing potential.

Here’s a number of chronic conditions that benefit from this type of approach:
Digestive Disorders (GERD, Heartburn, IBS, SIBO)
Autoimmune Conditions (IBD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto’s Disease, Celiac, Crohn’s, Type-1 Diabetes)
Hormonal Imbalances (Feeling “tired & wired”, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, PCOS, PMS, Hot Flashes, Painful Periods, Mood Swings)
Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity & Dyslipidemia (Diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure issues)
Energy Issues, Stress Issues (Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Issues, Fibromyalgia, etc.)
Cognitive Issues (“Brain Fog,” Memory Issues, etc.)

Included in this package:
-Food plan with comprehensive guide, weekly menu plan, grocery list, & recipes.
-Recommend specific supplements based on individual needs
-Free access to one topic in the Inspired Wellness Academy

***Note: I may recommend specialty labs; however, labs will not be ordered in the consult.

Total Fee: $399 (Regular $499)

Specializations and Conditions

Cardiovascular Conditions, Digestion & Gut Health, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Women's Health

30-minute Follow-up (Single Session)


  • 30 minutes (each session)

This appointment is only available for individuals who have completed an initial 60-minute consultation. Follow-up sessions are designed to celebrate successes and work on areas that need further attention.

Specializations and Conditions

Cardiovascular Conditions, Digestion & Gut Health, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Women's Health

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