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Stephanie Lyon Doctor of Pharmacy, Integrative Medicine Fellow

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  • Oregon, United States

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    Colorado, Oregon

Conditions and Issues

Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, Headache and Migraine, Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, Life Success & Wellbeing

About Me

My heart-centered, multi-modal, integrated and balanced approach to pain, stress, and sleep management accesses each individual’s unique needs, situations and desires in restoring health to an optimal, restful, peaceful, comfortable and fulfilling existence. Using my Western medicine pharmacist training and unique set of modalities these goals can be accomplished while minimizing, and potentially eliminating, the need for pharmaceuticals that are frequently prescribed to address these common issues.

I work as both as a pharmacist and a TCM-trained acupuncturist and Chinese medicinal herbalist. I have taught and initiated many students in the Unlimited Usui Reiki lineage since her own Reiki certification in 2008, the same year she studied with Mikio Sankey in Esoteric Acupuncture. In 2003 she became a certified Colorpuncture practitioner and has utilized many basic concepts and knowledge from this certification in her current treatments, workshops and meditations.

As a post-doctoral Fellow at the Weil School of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona I strive to both broaden and deepen my integrative medicine knowledge as a pharmacist into greatest and most balanced service for her patients and clients.

Integrative Medicine as a Fellow at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine 2021
Doctor of Pharmacy from Creighton University 2013
Medication Therapy Management Certification since 2013
Pharmacogenomics Certification since 2020
Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2004
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Certification from UMass Center for Mindfulness 2019
Reiki Master-Teacher in Unlimited Usui tradition certification 2008
I provides the highest quality evidence-based information, service, and treatments possible to assist her patients and clients to achieve their greatest wellness outcomes possible.

Choose A Service

Medication Therapy Management - Comprehensive Medication Review (Service (without client sessions))



For Oregon and Colorado providers and patients.
Medication therapy management (MTM) is a distinct service or group of services provided by pharmacists, to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes for patients. MTM includes five core elements: Comprehensive medication therapy review, a personal medication record, a medication-related action plan, intervention or referral, and documentation and follow-up through Target Medication Reviews.
MTM can be focused on managing all medications, supplements, and herbs, or for target areas including pain management, mental wellness, or any other health concerns.
Pharmacist Services are available for both patients per service and providers and practices per contracted hours.
What to expect:
Prior to your appointment you will complete a comprehensive health history, including a list of all medications, supplements, herbal products, nutrition, and more. During the scheduled appointment we will discuss the medications, your goals, and create an action plan for follow-up. Your provider(s) and prescriber(s) will receive a letter with the recommendations that will optimize outcomes with your medications. You will leave the appointment with a Recommendations, an Action Plan, and an Updated Medication List, all of which will be shared with your provider(s), at your request.
Service Fee includes the appointment, research and communication follow-up with providers.
If an Action Plan is developed for any recommended changes, a Targeted Medication Review will be scheduled as necessary.

Specializations and Conditions

Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain

Medication Therapy Management - Targeted Medication Review (Service (without client sessions))



For Oregon and Colorado patients and providers.
This is the follow-up appointment, or series of follow-up appointments for the Comprehensive Medication Review in MTM. Generally it is advised to complete an annual CMR, with regularly scheduled Targeted Reviews depending on the individual's Medication Action Plan and goals for optimized outcomes.

Specializations and Conditions

Headache and Migraine, Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain

Pharmacist Quick Question (Single Session)


  • 30 minutes (each session)

A quick question does not involve specific patient data unless it is in reference for an established patient.

Some typical Quick Questions look like:

“What are some evidence-based herbal remedies to help boost my immune system?”

“Is ashwaganda safe to take with Zolpidem?”

“What are the integrative medicine recommendations to help through a COVID19 infection?”

For more in-depth and patient-specific questions, a comprehensive (and targeted) medication review is more appropriate.

Specializations and Conditions

Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain

Provider-driven Medication Tapering and De-prescribing Initial Intake and Assessment (Service (without client sessions))



This service is appropriate for patients who wish to, or are in need of, decreasing or eliminating pharmaceutical medications, and are interested in learning integrative options and modalities to assist the process.

Areas where this supportive service has been successful:
Pain Management: Opioid tapering and de- prescribing
Anxiety and Depression: anti-depressants and benzodiazepines
Acid Reflux/GERD: proton pump inhibitors (PPIs - omeprazole, esomeprazole, pantoprazole, and others)
and other medications and health concerns.
Tapering consultation is individualized per patient parameters, as each person's taper regimen is dependent upon many lifestyle factors, including length of medication use, other medications on board, and more. Support and recommendation through evidence-based integrative medicine modalities can include acupuncture recommendation, acupressure instruction, mindfulness training, lifestyle modification, nutrition, movement, breathwork, and more) combined with pharmacist best practices in tapering and de-prescribing..

Each individual is unique in their needs, hence a program is tailored to your, or your patient’s circumstances.
This session includes a completed thorough health history, intake, and goal setting in collaboration with the prescribing providers. Follow up appointments are scheduled as determined by course of treatment recommendations.

Specializations and Conditions

Life Success & Wellbeing, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain