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Jeannette Northern

Health & Wellness Coach, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Self-Help Instructor

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  • California, United States

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$90.00 / Per 60 Minutes

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    10+ Years

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    Coaching, Health Coach

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    Adults, Men, Older Adults, Women

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Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, General Wellbeing, Insomnia & Sleep, Mental & Emotional Health, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Digestion & Gut Health, Weight & Performance, Cardiovascular Conditions, Pain, General Wellbeing, Insomnia & Sleep

About Me

Meet Jeannette.
As a health & wellness coach, healing arts practitioner, lover of nature, mother and grandparent, I am here to support you as you craft your best life. We can work together to unblock mental, physical and spiritual energy and bring more ease and flow into your life. I work in person with clients in the Sacramento area and coach telephonically.

About Me:
I began to study and practice the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu during a long personal journey to find relief from chronic pain. Having experienced many healing modalities, in addition to studying qi gong, tai chi and acupressure, I was mysteriously guided to this gentle hands-on art. Jin Shin Jyutsu brought relief to the chronic pain in ways that I never anticipated and remains an enduring self-care practice for me.

A decade later, I dove into an academic program to study the integration of body-mind practices with health and wellness in western medicine. During my studies, I was introduced to the coaching process. As another approach to health, wellness and healing, I found coaching was like “listening to the life pulse” in another. Rather than using my hands to facilitate the movement of energy, I could listen and guide another towards their intrinsic motivation to make changes for the better in their lives. Health & Wellness Coaching was the perfect complement to my ongoing practice and understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

My Philosophy:
I believe everyone wants to feel seen and heard as the unique expression of who they are and that sometimes we all need support reconnecting to our deeper essence. Whether it’s our physical health or life changes that we are seeking support for, the presence and mindful listening of another can spark movement that promotes healing, health and well-being. Living in balance and harmony can be and ultimately is our natural state.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu hands-on session (Single Session)


  • 60 minutes (each session)

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy of the body. The body contains energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells, and along these pathways, there are 26 sites called safety energy locks. The safety energy locks act like circuit breakers, protecting the body when the flow of energy is blocked or disrupted by the stress and strain of daily living. When one or more of these safety energy locks become blocked, it causes a damming effect that may lead to discomfort or even pain. This blockage, or stagnation, will not only disrupt the local area but can continue and eventually disharmonize the pathway of energy. Harmony and balance can be restored to the body by simply holding the safety energy locks in particular combinations.

Through Jin Shin Jyutsu, our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that our bodies have the innate ability to harmonize our life energy, whether maintaining daily health and well-being or addressing acute or chronic health needs.
Jin Shin Jyutsu doesn't involve massage or manipulation of joints and muscles and the body is fully clothed. Sessions usually last about one hour. While each session is unique to the person receiving it, the most common experience is a deep relaxation.

Jin Shin Jyutsu has a profound effect on our mental and emotional states, thereby reducing stress, promoting healing and enhancing our immune systems.

Specializations and Conditions

Coaching, General Wellbeing, Health Coach, Insomnia & Sleep, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain

Health & Wellness Coaching (Single Session)


Online In-Person
  • 60 minutes (each session)

Health and Wellness coaching is a creative, thought-provoking process that seeks to spark the motivation to change for the better and guide a client toward a new view of their life. Within this process, the client is the expert of their own life and the coach, a trusted ally, who facilitates this change process aligned with the client’s values.

Health & Wellness coaching can support clients to focus in towards what is essential and life-affirming for them. As the client becomes more aware, they more easily discover what is holding them back from more harmony, balance and fulfillment in their lives.

I offer a complimentary 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss how many coaching sessions would best serve your needs. Generally 4 to 6 telephone sessions are recommended.

Specializations and Conditions

Cardiovascular Conditions, Coaching, Digestion & Gut Health, General Wellbeing, Health Coach, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Insomnia & Sleep, Mental & Emotional Health, Pain, Weight & Performance

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