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Holistic Health Practitioner - Naturopathy - Acupuncture - Nutrition - Acupressure- Aromatherapy

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  • Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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$1,467.00 / Per 60 Minutes

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    6 Years

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    All Countries

Conditions and Issues

Mental & Emotional Health, Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Digestion & Gut Health, Weight & Performance, PTSD, Women's Health, Cardiovascular Conditions, Constipation, Nausea, Weight Loss, Fatigue, Strength and Flexibility, Infertility, Menopause symptoms, Eating Disorder, Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Body and Muscle Pain, Headache and Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, ADHD, Addiction, Brain Fog, Skin Conditions, Life Success & Wellbeing, General Wellbeing, Personal Life Goals, Pregnancy Care, Postpartum Support, Relationships & Family, Trauma, Healing & Support, Abuse, Physical Recovery, Loss or Grief, Life Changes, Insomnia & Sleep, Entrepreneurship & Business, Career Goals

About Me

Multi-skilled practitioner with a Five Element Acupuncture Practice in UK and EU.
Complementary Therapist Accredited Association practitioner member with 6 years experience.
My true goal is to see people restoring their well-deserved state of health and well-being with non-invasive Japanese acupuncture, all these at the comfort of their home, even during lock-downs and any other restrictions. Together we can handle many issues such as but not limited to symptoms such as stress management, weight management, fear, anxiety, lack of energy, poor memory, weak immune system, migraines, muscle pain, running nose, lack of vision, grief, sadness, insomnia, digestive issues, relationships break-ups, self-worth, self-confidence, anger management, etc.
My unique way of combining therapy and coaching will give you a new perspective. I blend therapies and coaching sessions, so you can heal and learn how to heal yourself at home. My techniques will allow you to help others too if you wish to do so. I use individually tailored therapies and general acupuncture protocols targeting many aspects of your well-being.

Choose A Service

Heal At Home - Become Your Own Therapist (Package of Sessions)


  • Number of sessions (10)

  • 60 minutes (each session)

It might be the most valuable therapy package that you will ever get.
With this 10-months programme, I will assist you in resolving your well-being needs with individually tailored acupuncture/acupressure therapy protocols, and I will also teach you powerful protocols for various well-being issues as well. In 10 months we will cover many aspects of the human conditions, and yes it is a therapy at home and a therapy course as well. You will be a new YOU, we will re-balance your well-being and you will also be able to become a therapist for your friends and family members. The amazing part is that you will be able to apply all protocols anywhere and anytime. Yes, even during lock-downs. Be it insomnia, migraines, pain management, digestive issues, fatigue, anger management, or even lack of courage, lack of planning skills, grief, sadness, anxiety or depression, etc., you will be able to deal with all these issues from the comfort of your home.
You will heal at home and gain valuable skills for life.

Specializations and Conditions

Abuse, Addiction, ADHD, Body and Muscle Pain, Brain Fog, Cardiovascular Conditions, Career Goals, Constipation, Depression, Digestion & Gut Health, Eating Disorder, Entrepreneurship & Business, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, General Wellbeing, Headache and Migraine, Healing & Support, Infertility, Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders, Insomnia & Sleep, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Life Changes, Life Success & Wellbeing, Loss or Grief, Menopause symptoms, Mental & Emotional Health, Nausea, Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Personal Life Goals, Phobias, Physical Recovery, Postpartum Support, Pregnancy Care, PTSD, Relationships & Family, Skin Conditions, Strength and Flexibility, Stress and Anxiety, Trauma, Weight & Performance, Weight Loss, Women's Health

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