Conversion Policy: Moving Work Outside the Nexia Wellness Platform

Nexia Wellness strives to connect independent health and wellness practitioners and clients in a safe and convenient platform. However, sometimes practitioners and clients that meet through Nexia Wellness prefer to work directly outside the platform. This is permissible depending on the listing package the practitioner is listed under.

 For Professional and Directory listing plans, moving work outside Nexia Wellness is acceptable without further action.

 If a practitioner is under the Starter plan, both parties need to consent and agree to pay a one-time Conversion fee before moving work outside of the Nexia Wellness platform as stated in the Terms and Conditions and Practitioner Contract.  The exception to this conversion fee is if the practitioner and client have engaged all work in the Nexia Wellness platform for at least 24 months total. Months engaged in work do not need to be consecutive, but at least total to 24 months at the time of conversion request.  


What is the one-time Conversion fee?

When a client and practitioner under the Starter Plan find each other through the Nexia Wellness platform, and decide they would like to work directly without Nexia Wellness for services, contracts or payments, they can do so by paying a one-time conversion fee.

The conversion fee equals 6 months of the practitioner’s lowest session rate or service.

 For example, if a practitioner and the client jointly decide to move their Services and relationship outside of the Platform, a conversion fee must be paid equivalent to the lowest hourly per-service fee or flat service the practitioner charges at the time of conversion, multiplied by 6 (for 6 months). Even though a practitioner and client may engage in multiple sessions over a one-month time period, Nexia Wellness will only consider 1 hourly fee or service per month.

 For example, if Company's lowest hourly per-service fee is $100, the conversion fee is $600 ($100 x 6).

Note: Choosing to conduct transactions outside the platform without paying the conversion fee is a violation of the Terms and Conditions and Practitioner Contract, and is subject to account termination in addition to being charged the conversion fee. If you wish to proceed with moving your relationship outside of the Nexia Wellness platform, please email the team at for the next steps. 

Who does the Conversion Fee impact?

 The one-time conversion fee applies to practitioners under the Starter Plan, initiated a relationship with the client through the Nexia Wellness platform, and have engaged in work less than 24 months total.


There are two exceptions to the Conversion fee:

·       Relationships that started outside the Nexia Wellness platform. Clients and practitioners that have worked with each other initially outside of Nexia Wellness can utilize the platform, and are free to take their work outside if desired. This arrangement does not violate the Terms of Service or require a Conversion Fee.

·       Clients and practitioners that have worked together on the platform for at least a total of 24 months. Months engaged in work do not need to be consecutive, but require to total 24 months at the time of conversion. This arrangement does not violate the Terms of Service or require a Conversion Fee.


Who Pays the Conversion Fee?

Either the practitioner or client can pay the fee, or parties can make arrangements between themselves and share in the cost; however, Nexia Wellness can only accept payment from one user.

For example, client and practitioner agrees to share in the cost and pay the conversion fee. The practitioner collects the client’s portion and submits the entire conversion fee to Nexia Wellness.


How can clients identify practitioners under the Stater Plan?

Practitioners under the starter plan will have a disclaimer visible on their profile page that states " Conducting transactions with this Practitioner outside of Nexia Wellness will waive all platform protections and may result in additional conversion fees. Refer to our Conversion Policy.” See screenshot of example below.




What are the pros and cons of taking work outside the Nexia Wellness Platform?


·      Clients are not bound to Nexia Wellness’ rescheduling, cancellation, and refund policies.  Clients are free to negotiate scheduling with practitioner.

·      Practitioners can implement their own rescheduling, cancellation, refund policies.

·      Practitioners do not pay 12% transaction fees.



·      Clients no longer receive Nexia Wellness protection with payments and disputes.

·      Practitioners are required to modify scheduling and handle payments and disputes without Nexia Wellness support or convenience of the platform.

·      Nexia Wellness cannot serve as a third party resource for transactions, disputes, or issues.  


I want to take my relationship outside the Nexia Wellness Platform. What are the next steps?

Email Nexia Wellness at and let us know that both you and your client or practitioner agree to take work outside the platform. Each request will be evaluated individually by our team.

Both parties will be required to sign an official document acknowledging the terms of conversion, and agreeing to move work outside of Nexia Wellness.

An invoice will be sent out to the conversion fee payor, and payment will be processed via secure payment through Stripe or Paypal.