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Why Create A High-Ticket Offer in Your Business?

You might be wondering what on earth a High-Ticket offer is. A High-Ticket offer is an offer that is priced from $3K and above. It can be in the form of a course, program, product, a service or a combination of all.

If your expertise or skill is able to solve a major life or business challenge, then your price should reflect the value of the outcome of the result you deliver to your clients.

Your ideal clients don’t really care about the number of letters after your name or the number of certifications you’ve collected. They don’t pay you for your time. What they pay for is the result and the value of the outcome of that result.


Someone with a rocky marriage (who is set to lose $1 Million in settlement) only cares about fixing his marriage so that he doesn’t have to go through a messy divorce, emotional heartache and loss of maybe half of his money. In essence, fixing that marriage helps him save $500K (that he would have otherwise lost in a divorce).

A marriage coach who can articulate the value of the above result would command a very premium price. I hope this is making sense. 

Most health experts don’t know how to articulate what they do and the magnitude of the type of problem they solve, hence the reason they feel reluctant and scared to charge premium prices. 

If you’re someone who’s able to transform someone’s life or business through your products or services… for instance:

  • helping them add more years to their lives through healthy living,
  • giving them poise, power, confidence, helping them to feel/look the way they want to,
  • safe money, save a marriage, save a job, save business etc.

If your solution is able to do one or more of the above, then why are you undercharging?

Charging a premium helps reassure your client that you’re the best of the best. 

There’s a reason why a percentage of people choose to invest in a personal trainer instead of going to a regular gym.

So, no matter what, a percentage of people in your target market are always ready to buy premium services.

2 Questions You Need To Answer

  1. Does your offer solve a major life or business challenge?

  2. Do you do it for a reasonably wide audience? 

10 Benefits of Creating High-Ticket offers in your business to help Your Ideal Clients

  1. It expands your reach to give new clients [who can’t afford your services] the opportunity to still work with you. [One offer can be delivered with 3 different methods of service delivery].
  2. Use it as an extension of your main business and if you don’t have a business yet, you can create a consulting business from it.
  3. Use it to upsell your ideal clients to your higher-level services eg. retreats, masterminds, Power weekends etc.
  4. Increases your overall revenue and boosts your passive income [Imagine having the ability to set your offer on autopilot or an evergreen (as in evergreen webinar).
    If you have a goal of making $20K per month, it’s easier to reach that goal quickly with a $3K or $5K, and $10K offers to your ideal clients than producing tons of cheap $200 etc offers that end up in unmanageable support tickets.
  5. Allows you to be more selective about the kind of clients you take on to work with and command a premium. [Choosing to work with a few premium clients allows you to deliver more quality and impactful result because you’re not spreading yourself too thin].
  6. Allows you to incorporate what I like to describe as “The Airline Pricing Strategy”. With a High-Ticket course/program, you can leverage the Tiered pricing module to get clients who currently can’t afford your full consulting services to still work with you, deliver value and cause a total transformation to their businesses. No point leaving money on the table, right?
  7. Gives you the ability to avoid stress/anxiety in an emergency situation that requires you to step away from your business for a moment.
  8. Helps you increase the average LTV [Lifetime Value] of your client (CLTV). This is very important when you want to buy paid traffic from media sources like Facebook, Google. When you know what the average Client’s Lifetime Value is for you, you can easily decide how much you’d be willing to pay in order to acquire one ideal client.
  9. Helps you STOP trading time for dollars. You no longer need to be confined to the four walls of a gloomy office. Now you can work from the beach and still be changing and transforming many lives. #workfromthebeach [#WFTB] lifestyle.
  10. Helps your ideal clients to see you as a trusted advisor and a consultant who cares. Positioning as an authority results in influence. This makes it easier to offer even more high-ticket courses online as well as offline.

And finally, as one of my mentors nicely said “there’s money flowing all around you… All you need is a structure to capture it”

… And I dare you to use a structure that is simple enough to implement, doesn’t rob you of your sanity, health and family time and most importantly still changes lives while making a recurring revenue. 

And the cool thing about creating and launching a digital high ticket offer is that the above benefits hold true for any niche, whether it’s in the health, wealth, personal development or relationship niches. 

Temi Mosaku is a marketing coach and consultant.

She helps overwhelmed expert entrepreneurs and coaches regain time and increase revenue by leveraging a simple strategy that predictably attracts the right High-Ticket clients, positions their authority and presells their services for a Premium Price, WITHOUT sacrificing time for money while still delivering the highest level of service to the clients.

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