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Functional Medicine: A Whole-Body Approach to Wellness

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What is Functional Medicine? If you’ve ever seen a medical doctor, taken prescription drugs, or had a surgical procedure you’ve experienced the wonderful world of conventional medicine. This is the…
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Viome- Gut Microbiome Testing

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Our Review of Viome A Pioneer in Gut Microbiome Testing For many people, gut flora and microbiome are only vaguely familiar terms that may not seem that important. As it…
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Jewish Teachings on Dietary Concerns

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By: Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D I am proud to live in Israel, the eternal home of the Jewish people and arguably the vegan capital of the world, with a high percent…
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10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

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10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight You keep trying one trending diet after another: you’ve been vegetarian, vegan, keto, and even full-on carnivore. You work out regularly…