Our founder Mary Solis is a Registered Pharmacist and holistic health enthusiast. She created Nexia Wellness with the desire to unite conventional Western medicine and holistic health practices to answer the calling for a whole person or “wholistic” approach to healing. This “wholistic” approach focuses on mind, body, and spirit. It complements the conventional medicine approach that we all know so well, for optimal healing and wellbeing.

The Nexia Wellness virtual marketplace is for holistic medicine enthusiasts and traditionalists alike. Quality and trust are the foundation of everything we are building toward. It’s our desire to help those seeking good and reliable health providers find and connect with them without location limitations. To achieve that, sessions are conducted through our secure online platforms, and every provider on Nexia Wellness is personally researched and vetted to ensure the best quality and care are delivered. We hope that each successful connection becomes not just an encounter, but a relationship.

At its core, Nexia Wellness is more than a marketplace of holistic health providers. It is an online place of exploration and discovery, of education and learning, and collaboration and connection. It’s a place where new innovations and studies in health and wellness are explored and shared, and where curiosity and diversity are embraced.

Join us on our mission to explore the possibilities of medicine, the human body, health, and healing. Easily find and connect with our vetted providers for guidance with your own healing and self-discovery.

Mission and Vision

“Multidimensional Healing – Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit”

Our mission is to unite and build a community of health and wellness experts and connect them with those who are looking for them. We strive to provide a reliable platform that can be used by anyone, no matter their beliefs. We aim to present unbiased and fact-based information in an effort to break the stigma surrounding holistic practices. Every piece of information presented has been carefully curated and analyzed by our experts.

Our mantra is simple yet powerful — you can’t fully treat someone without tending to their body, mind, spirit, and soul. Conventional medicine and holistic practices don’t have to be on opposing ends of the spectrum. Helping people understand that aspect is what our experts are here for. We hope that people will use the resources we provide to enhance their habits and lifestyles in order to achieve optimal health.

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Our Values


We are committed to delivering our best to our clients, partners, and community


Our passion for health, wellness and people drive us to constantly improve, innovate and listen

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We are transparent and truthful in our transactions, communications, and dealings


We uphold the highest level of integrity in our work and service


We value, honor, and welcome diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints

Teamwork & Collaboration

We work together and strive to unite people in teamwork and collaboration to achieve optimal wellness and health for all